Get MJS Diagram (alpha)

You can add MJS Diagram to your web app in one of the following ways:


MJS Diagram is in the preview stages of its lifecycle and under heavy development. Not all of the features listed here are implemented or polished yet. And a lot will change before the stable release, including potential breaking changes.

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From npm

Add MJS Diagram to your app by running one of the following commands.

npm install @markerjs/mjs-diagram
yarn add @markerjs/mjs-diagram

From CDN

Use UNPKG to add MJS Diagram directly to your page.

Add this code to the head section of your HTML.

<script src=""></script>

Download standalone files

Download complied MJS Diagram files or source code from GitHub.

Build from source

Clone the repository:

git clone

Run the build script:

yarn build

You can now get the library files in the /dist directory.

Current version

current MJS Diagram version