marker.js Live: Features

marker.js Live is a JavaScript library for displaying dynamic, responsive, and interactive image annotations.

marker.js Live is a companion library for marker.js 2 enabling dynamic representation of image annotations created with marker.js. Whether you've built your web app with plain JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, or any other web technology, you can use marker.js Live to overlay your photos, drawings, floorplans, and other images with dynamic, scalable, and interactive annotations.

Companion for marker.js 2

Display annotations created marker.js 2 without modifying the source images.


Unlike annotations rendered into the image data, marker.js Live lets you add behaviors to your images to respond to user interactions.


Annotate images at any size using marker.js 2 and when displayed with marker.js Live the markers are scaled with no loss in quality.

Mouse, touch, pen

React to user interactions whether it's mouse, pen, or fingers.

Full TypeScript support

marker.js Live is built with TypeScript and includes type definitions for all the types used in the library for your excellent dev experience.


As long as you don't mind a small logo in the corner, just grab the library and use it absolutely free.

Simple license

Want to remove the small logo? Our simple licensing scheme enables you to do that for a one-time fee and supports future development.

What's next?

Explore marker.js Live demos and documentation or just download the library and improve the user experience of your websites and apps.