MJS Diagram: Features

MJS Diagram demo

MJS Diagram is a set of JavaScript libraries to add diagramming to your web apps.

MJS Diagram is a set of web components to add interactive diagram creation and viewing to your web applications. Whether you've built your web app with plain JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, or any other web technology, you can use MJS Diagram to add Flowcharts, Mind Maps, Network Diagrams, and other diagrams to your app.


MJS Diagram is in the preview stages of its lifecycle and under heavy development. Not all of the features listed here are implemented or polished yet. And a lot will change before the stable release, including potential breaking changes.

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Interactive diagrams

Add an interactive, scalable diagram viewer to your app.

Diagram editor

Enable your app's users to create and edit interactive diagrams.

Extensible diagram types

Create flowcharts, mind maps, or other diagram types. Go beyond the presets and create your own diagram types.

Customizable UI

Customize UI appearance to make MJS Diagram fit your app's design language.

Render diagrams as images

You can both display the diagrams on your web site and render them as static images for use in documents, presentations, and other media.

Mouse, touch, pen

Create and edit diagrams with either mouse, touch, or a stylus.


Diagrams are infinitely scalable and can be displayed in all kinds of layouts with no loss in fidelity.

Standard Web Components

MJS Diagram is a set of industry-standard web components. This means you can use MJS Diagram with any modern web framework or in pure web applications that use none.

Full TypeScript support

MJS Diagram is built with TypeScript and includes type definitions for all the types used in the library for your excellent dev experience.


As long as you don't mind a small logo in the toolbar while editing, just grab the library and add image diagramming to your app absolutely free.

Simple license

Want to remove the small logo while editing? Our simple licensing scheme enables you to do that for a one-time fee and supports future development.

What's next?

Explore MJS Diagram demos and documentation or just download the library and take your web app to the next level with diagram creation and viewing features.