marker.js Live Documentation: Plugins

Using marker.js Live plugins

Unlike marker.js 2, marker.js Live is meant to be used in wide audience end-user facing scenarios. Therefore it was designed to pack the core functionality into the library itself but leave out all the extra stuff that some people may need and others don't.

You can add the extra functionality either in your own code using events or use pre-made plugins to add just the features you need.

Available plugins

Here's the list of known marker.js Live plugins:

More plugins are coming soon...

How to add plugins

To use plugins you install and import them to your project, create an instance of the plugin, configure it (if needed), and then add it to the instance of marker.js Live using addPlugin().

In this example we add animate and links plugins to our instance of marker.js Live:

import * as mjslive from 'markerjs-live'; import { Animate } from 'mjslive-plugin-animate'; import { Links } from 'mjslive-plugin-links'; ... const markerView = new mjslive.MarkerView(targetImage); // add the Animate plugin markerView.addPlugin(new Animate()); // create an instance of the Links plugin const links = new Links(); // set it to open links in a new tab = '_blank'; // add it to the MarkerView plugins markerView.addPlugin(links); // show the annotations;

See also

Check out the plugins demo to see this code in action.