CROPRO Documentation: Configuring aspect ratios

Configure defaults: aspect ratios

You can control what crop rectangle aspect ratios are available to your users.

By default CROPRO is initialized with a set of most common aspect ratios and defaults to a "free" ratio.

Setting available ratios

To set what ratios are available in the aspect ratio dropdown you set the CropArea.aspectRatios array to a list of available ratios.

Here's an example:

cropArea.aspectRatios = [ { horizontal: 1, vertical: 1 }, { horizontal: 3, vertical: 2 }, { horizontal: 2, vertical: 3 } ];

Here we set that users can choose between square (1:1), 3:2, and 2:3 ratios.

CROPRO defaults to the first ratio in the array on launch but you can change this by setting CropArea.aspectRatio property to something else:

// default to the third element in the array cropArea.aspectRatio = cropArea.aspectRatios[2];

While not a strict requirement, it's always a good idea to set aspectRatio to a value from the aspectRatios array so users have a way to return to the default ratio after changing it.

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