CROPRO Documentation: No UI / custom UI

Hide parts or all of the CROPRO UI

CROPRO provides users with powerful tools for cropping and rotating images. Sometimes you don't need some or all of the extra features. Or you may want to control them with your own UI.

Hiding toolbars

You may not want the rotation features to be exposed to users and in this case you can simply hide the buttom toolbar via the CropArea.styles.settings.hideBottomToolbar property.

Or, if you don't want any of the UI you can hide the top toolbar as well by setting CropArea.styles.settings.hideTopToolbar to true.

cropArea.styles.settings.hideTopToolbar = true; cropArea.styles.settings.hideBottomToolbar = true;

Initiating rendering from code

When the top toolbar is hidden, you lose the way for users to finish cropping. In this case, you have to provide your own alternative.

Just add a button (or any other element) and initiate rendering by calling the CropArea.startRenderAndClose() method. Or/and add another button to call CropArea.close() without rendering.


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